Preparing Finances

Here in Florida, we think about the weather. A lot. We think about how to prepare our homes and families to stay safe and secure through tropical storms, hurricanes, severe rainstorms and flooding, and even tornados. We think about weather forecasts and evacuation routes. We think about caring for our pets during and after a […]

Safe Place During a Storm

Did you know that Florida emergency management officials typically recommend that residents who do not live in an evacuation zone stay home during most tropical storms and hurricanes? While this does not include people who are in poor health, elderly, or in the last trimester of pregnancy, this does mean most of us should be […]

Prepare your pets during a storm

If your local Florida community issues a hurricane or storm warning, bring all pets inside and be sure they are safe and accounted for. If you are under an evacuation order, you must bring your pet with you, so they don’t end up lost, injured or worse. To best be prepared for emergencies and to […]

Preparing Kids for a Hurricane

When a tropical storm or hurricane heads toward Florida, it is impossible to escape the worry and fear that accompanies it. From panicked friends and relatives to news stories on TV, to school dismissals, to evacuations and emergency runs to the grocery or hardware store, storms can be scary and disruptive for everyone – especially […]

Helpful Neighbor

Whether you live in a residential neighborhood, apartment building, or a more rural area, there is comfort knowing your neighbors – and knowing they are there for you if needed. When you know your neighbors and they know you, you can be there for each other before, during and after hurricanes or other emergencies. Here […]

family emergency planning

When a disaster caused by hurricanes, flooding or other natural event takes place, communications with family members, schools, medical professionals and other first responders is key. Florida families should have an emergency contact/communication plan in place and available to everyone in the home (including children) so they know how to reach you during or after […]

Weather App

Weather information has never been so readily available – which, for us Floridians, can literally be lifesaving. Countless free apps can easily be downloaded to inform you of developing storm status and evacuation alerts. While your local TV, radio, or weather station likely have helpful apps, here are just a few national and statewide ones […]

Hurricane Toolkit Checklist

As fellow Floridians, we here at VYRD know firsthand how fast a storm can churn from a tropical storm into a full-blown hurricane – possibly putting your property in its path of damage. So, quite naturally, we are big fans of being hurricane-prepared! When a storm suddenly makes a turn straight for your community, you […]

Living in Florida means living with the annual threat of tropical storms and hurricanes – and the damage they possibly could inflict on our homes and lives. While we are well aware of the dangers, we sometimes forget how these storms form in the first place – and it’s pretty amazing! Storms begin as rotating, […]