We Show Up on Your Worst Day with a Simple Process to Get Your Home Back to Normal

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    Share What Happened

    What happened and when? We’ll review your coverage and arrange for emergency cleanup and temporary repairs if necessary.

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    We'll Evaluate the Claim

    We’ll determine the covered damages and in most cases have a licensed contractor estimate the repairs.

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    We'll Provide Support

    We will work with you and the recommended contractor on the agreed damages and get your home back to normal.

Need to File a Claim?

Submit your information through our 24/7 claims portal online. Or call (844) 217-6993 to speak with a Claims expert.

Report a Claim

FAQs: Filing a Claim

What information do I need when filing a homeowners insurance claim?

We need to know what has occurred and when. You’ll need your policy number and we’ll ask you to provide current phone and email contact information to facilitate our communication.

How long will my homeowner's insurance claim take?

This will depend on the extent and type of damage. We typically inspect within 48-72 hours. After which, we'll pay for the covered loss minus your applicable deductible.

Do I need to contract with a roofer or other contractor?

It is not recommended that you sign any agreements or contracts with any third parties until we’ve had a chance to review your claim. Assignment of Benefits Tips and Red Flags Property Market | Consumer Protection

Can I make arrangements for emergency water removal or repairs?

Call us first! After a covered loss due to accidental discharge or overflow of water or steam from within a plumbing, heating, air conditioning or automatic fire protective sprinkler system or household appliance, we can assist you with Emergency Mitigation Services through our Preferred Mitigation Contractor Network program to get your home cleaned up and, on your way, back to normal with no out of pocket expense. If you choose to use a vendor of your choice there is $3,000 limit for Emergency Mitigation Services.

What is an Assignment of Benefits (AOB)?

An AOB is a contract between you and a third party: a contractor, roofer, or water mitigation company. When you enter into an AOB you give up your right to ensure your claim is resolved to your complete satisfaction. In 2019, the Florida Legislature passed reforms aimed at protecting the consumer. As a result, AOB vendors must adhere to certain legal requirements. In addition, policyholders have been given the right to cancel an assignment agreement under certain circumstances and take back control of their claim.

Assignment of Benefits

What if I signed an Assignment of Benefits Agreement (AOB)?

You must still comply with all the duties owed to VYRD described in the Duties After a Loss section of your policy.  Under Florida law, you have the right to terminate or cancel an assignment of benefits agreement under certain circumstances. These circumstances are required to be described in the assignment agreement. The assignment agreement must provide that you have the right to cancel without penalty. You may still be obligated to pay for any contracted work performed before the agreement is canceled. Once you have notified your assignee that you are terminating your assignment agreement, you must notify VYRD as soon as possible by submitting notice of your cancellation to your claim representative. Until you do so, VYRD must continue to deal with the assignee to whom you assigned your benefits.

Assignment of Benefits

These illustrations are for information purposes only and are not intended to interpret or alter your VYRD policy. Your rights and responsibilities are specifically set forth in your VYRD policy.