Partnering with Agents

Protecting Florida Homeowners

Homeowners across the state of Florida face increasingly frequent and severe threats, as well as skyrocketing rates driven by a wide range of factors, as outlined in this graphic from the Florida Association of Insurance Agents.

Florida Home Insurance Rates

Homeowners rely on agents to guide them through an increasingly complex process and help them understand their options for protecting their most valuable asset.

How VYRD Can Help

VYRD understands. We know what it’s like to be a Florida homeowner and need to know that if the worst happens, your insurance company will be there to make things right. And we’ve worked with thousands of agents as trusted partners in delivering on the promise of protection and restoration to the homeowners we serve together.

VYRD plans to offer a holistic homeowners program based on extraordinary service and technology that positions our agency partners, our insureds and VYRD as tri-partners in the evaluation, protection, and maintenance of homes that we insure. VYRD insureds will be placing their trust in insurance industry veterans that have a long and strong track record in the state of Florida.

At the start, VYRD’s goal is to insure your customers’ homes that we have selected from the CPIC policy database. We feel that VYRD presents several advantages over CPIC, including:

  • Citizens’ projected 20% replacement cost increase for inflation and materials
  • Citizens’ cap of $700,000 – above pushing values over maximum value allowable for CPIC
  • Maximum personal liability coverage of $100,000 (most personal umbrella coverages require a minimum of $300,000)
  • Myriad more comprehensive coverage options
  • Citizens’ policyholder surcharge – a possible one-time assessment up to 45% of premium

Financial Stability

Leading independent financial analysis firm Demotech has awarded VYRD a Financial Stability Rating (FSR) of A, Exceptional. Demotech’s FSR is a summary opinion of an insurer’s ability to insulate itself from the business cycle that exists in the general economy, as well as the underwriting cycle of the insurance industry. The opinion provides an important signal to consumers that an insurer can remain solvent through an economic downturn and is expected to have a positive surplus of resource to fulfill the needs of its policyholders.

Get in Touch

If you or your insureds have any questions regarding VYRD, the takeout process, or our coverage, please contact or 888-806-VYRD (8973).