Your Home is More Than Just a House

Your home is also your “castle” filled with treasured possessions you have collected over a lifetime (and sometimes passed down through generations). Your home and your property deserve the best protection. That’s why VYRD is here.


Getting through all the details surrounding home insurance can be tough – but it doesn’t have to be. At VYRD, we specialize in breaking the complex down for you – and that’s just what we are doing here!


Standard Homeowner’s Insurance Policy (HO3)

VYRD’s standard homeowner’s insurance policy (known in the industry as an HO-3 policy) provides coverage for your home and your things, in the event of a covered loss. It also provides personal liability protection which is used when there is damage to someone else’s property as a result of your actions. This includes:

Coverage A

Your Home

(Coverage A) relates to your homes physical structure

Coverage B

Other Structures

(Coverages B) covers things like your detached garage, fence, tool shed, and pool

Coverage C

Personal Belongings

(Coverage C) covers your personal property, laptop, television, sofa, sports equipment, etc.

Coverage D

Temporary Living Expenses

(Coverage D) assists with additional living expenses (like hotel bills) if your home becomes unlivable due to a fire, windstorm or other specific peril

Coverage E

Personal Liability

(Coverage E) applies to bodily injury or property damage incurred by other people (or their stuff) as a result of your actions. Note that it doesn’t matter if the damage happens at home, or anywhere else.

Medical Payments

Medical Payments

(Coverage F) helps pay for medical bills pertaining to accidents or injuries guests might have while at your home


If your home is damaged –

VYRD will cover the cost to reconstruct

If a tree falls on your shed, garage, or other structure on your property –

VYRD will help cover the cost of repairs

If your home isn’t livable -

VYRD will pay for temporary housing, meals, pet boarding, storage, etc.

If your stuff gets stolen –

VYRD will help cover the costs to replace it, even if it happens away from home


If you’re sewer backs up and damages your home –

you’ll need an additional endorsement for that

If a river swells and floods your home –

you will not be covered. You’ll need a separate flood insurance policy.

If you neglect or fail to maintain your property –

Termites, insect damage, bird or rodent damage, rust, rot and general wear and tear are not covered.


Ready for more details?

Click here for a deeper explanation of everything the VYRD insurance policy covers.

Or, take a look at our product FAQs to get all the ins and outs.

Ways to Save

Insurance premiums in Florida have been increasing steadily – no news there. That’s why VYRD developed new discounts, programs, and ways to manage your premium. These discounts, if applicable, are applied to a portion of the premium. Learn more here.

2-48% hurricane protection discount

Wind Mitigation

There are several ways to making your home more wind resistant and keeping you and your family as safe as possible. And by doing that you can save on your premium. Learn More

15 percent - water leak protection discount

Smart Home Water Protection

15% discount on a portion of the premium (approx. $148* annually in savings) by installing water leak sensors provided FREE by VYRD.

5 percent preferred contractor endorsement discount

Preferred Contractor Endorsement

5% discount (approx. $162* annually in savings) by agreeing to leverage our Preferred Contractor Network of home service pros, in the event your home suffers damages.

10-25% protective device discount

Protective Device

10-25% discount available for homes with a centrally monitored fire or burglar alarm

10-15% secured community-building credit discount

Secured Community / Building Credit

10% for homes in a secured community or 15% for communities with 24-hr security patrol.

5% HVAC Maintenance Discount

HVAC Maintenance
Contract Discount

5% in savings for having a semi-annual Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning contract inspections / maintenance plans

5% Claim Free Discount

Claim-free Discount

5% off for policies that haven’t had a claim in the last 3 years.

Finding the right policy for your Florida home with enough coverage (and leveraging as many discounts as possible) is fast and easy with VYRD. The best first step is working with one of our professional insurance agents who knows you and your situation, so you are prepared and covered if catastrophe were to strike.


Isn’t it nice to know VYRD is here for you — protecting your home and personal belongings so you can focus on those little moments in life that matter!


*Note: This is an average annual savings, based on the water premium for 2022 VYRD inforce policyholders. Potential savings will vary.


DISCLAIMER: This information is a summary of the major coverages in an HO3 policy. It is only a general description intended to help you understand the policy and does not create or amend the contract or a policy in any way. All coverages are subject to the terms, conditions, special limits, and exclusions of the policy and all applicable endorsements. This information shall not be construed to replace any provision of the policy itself. In the event of any conflict between the policy and the information provided on this site, the provisions of the policy shall prevail. Please read your policy for details.

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