Your Home is More Than Just a House

Your home is also your “castle” filled with treasured possessions you have collected over a lifetime (and sometimes passed down through generations). Your home and your property deserve the best protection. That’s why VYRD is here.


Getting through all the details surrounding home insurance can be tough – but it doesn’t have to be. At VYRD, we specialize in breaking the complex down for you – and that’s just what we are doing here!


VYRD’s standard homeowner’s insurance policy (known in the industry as an HO-3 policy) provides coverage for your home and your things, in the event of a covered loss. It also provides personal liability protection which is used when there is damage to someone else’s property as a result of your actions. This includes:

Dwelling Coverage

(Coverage A) relates to your homes physical structure

Other Structures

(Coverages B) covers things like your detached garage, fence, tool shed, and pool

Personal Property

(Coverage C) covers your personal property, your stereo, computer, sofa, etc.

Loss of Use

(Coverage D) assists with additional living expenses (like hotel bills) if your home becomes unlivable due to a fire, windstorm or other specific peril

Personal Liability

(Coverage E) applies to bodily injury or property damage incurred by other people (or their stuff) as a result of your actions. Note that it does matter if the damage happens at your home, or anywhere else.

Medical Payments

(Coverage F) helps pay for medical bills pertaining to accidents or injuries guests might have while at your home

Ready for more details?

Click here for a deeper explanation of everything the VYRD insurance policy covers.

Or, take a look at our product FAQs to get all the ins and outs.

Ways to Save

VRYD loves to pass discounts along to policyholders! You can reduce your premiums just by taking simple steps or by providing us with details about features you have in your home or community. These can include:


Claim-free DiscountSecured Community / Building CreditHVAC Maintenance Contract discount
5% off for policies that have not had a prior loss in the 3 preceding years10-15% off for homes in a subdivision or community that is protected by 24-hr security patrol5% in savings for having a semi-annual HVAC contract inspections / maintenance plan
Protective Device DiscountsHurricane ShuttersSmart Home Water Protection
10-25% discount available for homes with a centrally monitored fire or burglar alarm 2-48% discount depending on individual home characteristics and year of constructionWe are working on even more savings for VYRD policyholders who enroll in the program and install the Smart Monitoring water sensors to ensure their home is safe from leaks


Finding the right policy for your Florida home with enough coverage (and leveraging as many discounts as possible) is fast and easy with VYRD. The best first step is working with one of our professional insurance agents who knows you and your situation, so you are prepared and covered if catastrophe were to strike.


Isn’t it nice to know VYRD is here for you — protecting your home and personal belongings so you can focus on those little moments in life that matter?