Smart Home Water Protection Program

VYRD has recently teamed with Phyn1 to offer new policyholders a free Smart Water Sensing Kit. This program is an innovative way to monitor for water leaks — before they cause costly damage to your home.


When water leaks in your home, your floors, walls, and furniture absorb nearly all of it – so small leaks can lead to structural damage, mold and cosmetic issues if not treated immediately. No one wants to deal with that!



A free Phyn Smart Water Sensing Kit, valued at $250, that includes:


15% discount (approximately $1482) on a portion of your premium, after installation


5 Smart Water Sensors to place in your home

Phyn App

The downloadable Phyn App that allows you to receive alerts

VYRD Monitoring

24×7, that links to our claims specialists if necessary

How it works

Phyn Smart Water 5-pack Starter Kit



Place your sensors next to your AC air handler, toilets, refrigerators, water heater and/or washing machine and receive an alert if a leak occurs.

When you keep your Phyn Sense Kit online, your home is better protected from costly leaks.


See how Smart Home Technology helps you stay ahead of potential problems.

Smart Home Tech Insights

For Our Early Program Adopters

For our early adopters that enrolled and received a Notion Smart Monitoring Starter Kit, VYRD continues to partner with Notion and will continue to honor your annual policy discount.

1As of July 2023, VYRD has partnered with Phyn to provide Water Leak Detection systems for new policyholders. VYRD is not responsible for products or services purchased or provided by Phyn, Notion or other third-party vendors.


2This is an average annual savings, based on the water premium for 2022 VYRD inforce policyholders. Potential savings will vary.

Get Set up Today

This free opportunity is available now to VYRD policyholders – but first, you must enroll:

  • Work with your Agent to get the15% discount applied to your policy
  • Grab your VYRD policy number, create your VYRD account online and accept this offer.
  • Phyn will ship the Smart Water Sensing Kit to you, we take care of the shipping costs.
  • When it arrives, download the Phyn App to install your sensors (takes less than 15 minutes).


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