What Makes VYRD Different?

Built by Floridians for Floridians, VYRD is creating new and innovative homeowner's insurance from the ground up. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and a policyholder-first mentality, we aim to set the new standard in secure home protection. We're in this together and involve the customer to ensure we meet Florida homeowners' unique needs and expectations.

Agent Partners

Trust, built through personal connections, is essential to modern insurance. We believe strong relationships with qualified professional agents are imperative to providing Florida homeowners with the proper coverage.

Deep Expertise

VYRD’s leadership team has over 272 years of combined experience insuring homes in Florida, and we’re partnering with companies based in Florida and beyond to meet our policyholders’ needs.

Financial Strength

VYRD utilizes a financial model focused on balance sheet strength, and maintains a Financial Stability Rating® “A” Exceptional from Demotech, Inc., ensuring that we will be there to pay all claims despite any economic downturn or changes in the insurance marketplace. Demotech is a leading independent financial analysis firm.


VYRD is committed to redefining protection by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge policy management. Through investment in research and development, we bring you market-leading solutions that not only mitigate losses and enhance claims handling but also offer proactive protection tailored to the Florida lifestyle. Experience a new era of insurance where visionary technology meets preventative care, ensuring your home is safeguarded with unparalleled efficiency.

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