Contractor fraud is a widespread issue across the nation, but its impact is particularly acute in Florida, especially following major storms. Scammers prey on vulnerable homeowners, offering enticing deals and services that often end in disappointment and financial loss. From disappearing after payment to providing subpar work with substandard materials, fraudulent contractors in Florida employ […]

Electrical Safety

May marks the commencement of National Electrical Safety Month, an initiative led by the Electrical Safety Foundation International, a nonprofit organization committed to advocating electrical safety in both residential and occupational settings. This annual observance aims to educate precautionary measures to mitigate the occurrence of electrical fires, casualties, injuries, and property damage. According to data […]

Wind Mitigation

There are numerous ways to fortify your home against potential disasters with Wind Mitigation. It encompasses both structural and nonstructural measures aimed at mitigating or minimizing the impact of high winds typically associated with storms. Given the heightened risk Floridians face, particularly during hurricane season, fortifying your home against powerful winds becomes an essential aspect […]

Water Damage

Did you know that nearly 50% of Non-Catastrophic Homeowner’s Insurance Claims in Florida are caused by water-related incidents?* These problems often stem from common household sources such as leaky pipes, appliances, water heaters, or AC handlers. What may initially appear as minor leaks can escalate into significant damage over time. In fact, the average claim […]

Severe Weather

In Florida, serene landscapes are disrupted by severe weather, highlighting the critical need for preparedness. This article underscores the importance of protecting lives, property, and the state’s unique way of life. Join us as we explore the significance of proactive measures amid the stormy terrains of Florida. Lightning Lightning stands out as one of the […]

Pool Maintenance during Winter

While the rest of the country prepares to winterize their pools, Florida pool owners have the luxury of enjoying their oasis year-round. However, maintaining your pool in the Sunshine State isn’t a hands-off task, and it requires specific attention even during the milder winter months. In this article, we’ll outline four essential steps for Florida […]