Water Damage

Did you know that nearly 50% of Non-Catastrophic Homeowner’s Insurance Claims in Florida are caused by water-related incidents?* These problems often stem from common household sources such as leaky pipes, appliances, water heaters, or AC handlers. What may initially appear as minor leaks can escalate into significant damage over time. In fact, the average claim […]

Severe Weather

In Florida, serene landscapes are disrupted by severe weather, highlighting the critical need for preparedness. This article underscores the importance of protecting lives, property, and the state’s unique way of life. Join us as we explore the significance of proactive measures amid the stormy terrains of Florida. Lightning Lightning stands out as one of the […]

Pool Maintenance during Winter

While the rest of the country prepares to winterize their pools, Florida pool owners have the luxury of enjoying their oasis year-round. However, maintaining your pool in the Sunshine State isn’t a hands-off task, and it requires specific attention even during the milder winter months. In this article, we’ll outline four essential steps for Florida […]


As we culminate our journey through the “Home Cooking for the Holidays” series, it brings me immense joy to share a piece of my culinary heart with you. Enter the warmth and robust flavors of my Christmas Eve Chili. This recipe, initially a treasure handed down by my mother (and my grandmother before that) and […]

As we continue our delightful journey through the “Home Cooking for the Holidays” series, we’re excited to bring you a sweet sensation straight from the kitchen of our team member Robin. The tantalizing aroma of freshly brewed memories and the comforting notes of pecan, butterscotch, and cinnamon unite in Robin’s cherished Walton’s Mountain Coffee Cake. […]

Corn Casserole

As our “Home Cooking for the Holidays” series unfolds, we’re thrilled to spotlight another family favorite from our dedicated team—a delightful Corn Casserole that captures the essence of holiday joy. Submitted by our talented team member Valerie, the unique mix of creamed corn and whole kernel corn in her recipe creates a wonderful silky texture […]