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Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States. There’s literally a new victim reported every three seconds. Your identity can be compromised in many different ways – a lost wallet, an unsecure smart phone, poor passwords, phone phishing scams, or a data breach at any retailer or service provider (schools, medical professionals, accountants, attorneys, etc) that you have dealt with in the past.


Unraveling ID Fraud is a Nightmare. Victims who are forced to do this on their own can spend hundreds of hours dealing with piles of forms to file and follow-ups with all affected agencies. And when they’re done, there’s always the doubt that they may have missed something.


Mitigate Damage with Identity Theft Expense and Resolution Services Coverage

Rather than your income underhandedly vanishing, Identity Theft Expense and Resolution Services Coverage can make up for some of what was lost. For just $25 per year, you can have a professionally managed response ready to assist immediately if you become an identity theft victim.

ID Theft Recovery

ID Recovery Program Services

Certified Recovery representatives will work with you to handle all the paperwork and work with creditors, banks and law enforcement for you. One toll-free call starts this process.

These Reps perform the recovery process for you. In the majority of cases, they can repair your identity and restore your good name much faster than victims who choose to do this on their own.

ID Theft Expense

ID Theft Expense Reimbursement Coverage

  • Up to $25,000 for expenses during recovery because of ID theft
  • Lost wages, loan application fees, legal fees – use of an attorney (with prior company consent)
    • Defense of lawsuits brought against you as a result of ID Fraud
    • The removal of any criminal or civil judgment wrongly entered against you.
    • Challenging the accuracy or completeness of any information in a Credit Report

For as little as $25 per year why take the chance of becoming a victim without having professional recovery services ready to step in and help you?


Recover, Repair and Protect your Identity with the help of PrivacyMaxx. We’ve partnered with PrivacyMaxx, an identity theft and privacy protection company that provides identity theft monitoring and recovery services to VYRD customers with our Identity Theft Expense and Resolution Services Coverage. They are a third-party vendor who we contracted with to provide you with this valuable assistance if you are a victim of identity theft. Their fraud specialists will provide security advice, trigger fraud alerts, call creditors and stick with you for as long as it takes to restore your credit, reputation and peace of mind.


Call us at 888-806-VYRD (8973) or ask your VYRD agent to add this optional endorsement to your policy.


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Learn more about VYRD’s Identity Theft Coverage/Services in our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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