Hurricane Recovery

As a Florida-based business, VYRD shares the same hurricane-related worries before, during and after any storm comes our way.  As much as we all prepare our homes, property and families to weather a storm as well as possible, sometimes damage happens. It’s just part of living in this beautiful state. After any storm or emergency, […]

Helpful Neighbor

Whether you live in a residential neighborhood, apartment building, or a more rural area, there is comfort knowing your neighbors – and knowing they are there for you if needed. When you know your neighbors and they know you, you can be there for each other before, during and after hurricanes or other emergencies. Here […]

After the hurricane

When Florida faces a hurricane, we know the actual storm is only the beginning.  The winds and rains can cause tremendous damage while the storm is in full force – but they also leave countless hazards in their path after everything has calmed. Take these precautions to keep you and your family safe from a […]