Hurricane Recovery

Tips on Recovering from a Hurricane

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As a Florida-based business, VYRD shares the same hurricane-related worries before, during and after any storm comes our way.  As much as we all prepare our homes, property and families to weather a storm as well as possible, sometimes damage happens. It’s just part of living in this beautiful state.

After any storm or emergency, your first priority is to be sure your family and loved ones are safe. Then, it’s time to check on your home and property to see if any damage did occur – and, if so, to determine if it is absolutely safe to remain there.

If your house is unlivable – if the roof is completely damaged, if any walls have collapsed, if there is extensive flooding, etc. – you will need to find safe shelter. There should be Red Cross or other shelters available to help you, or you could move to a hotel or stay with family or friends. If you need help locating safe housing, contact VYRD’s claims experts for assistance.

Check with your agent to see if you have Additional Living Expense Coverage which will cover the costs beyond your normal living expenses such as hotel lodging, restaurant meals, and mileage. Be sure to keep all your receipts!

If your house needs immediate attention – such as putting a tarp on the roof or boarding up broken windows or doors – you can carefully make those minor repairs. Be sure to take photos and videos of any damage (and email or text files to yourself as a backup) and keep any damaged items so VYRD can inspect during the claims process. If you have to purchase materials to make those minor repairs, don’t forget to save all receipts.

Don’t make or schedule any other repairs before talking with VYRD!  Instead, report any claims you have from storm damage with VYRD, even before you know the full extent of the damage. We offer Emergency Restoration Services as well as a Preferred Contractor Network to expedite and guarantee your repairs. These preferred contractors have experience going back to the 1970s and are known for their quality, workmanship, reliability, and superior customer service.

Most importantly, don’t sign away your benefits (known as “Assignment of Benefits”) to unsolicited workers, contractors, or public adjusters! It is common after a hurricane or other catastrophe for these unscrupulous contractors to take advantage of the situation (and your emotions) and approach you with promises to do work quickly and inexpensively. This actually could be insurance fraud – and could result in increased out-of-pocket costs to you. Call VYRD or your agent before signing or agreeing to anything. You also should check any contractor’s license with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

If you do suspect this type of contractor or adjuster fraud, report it to VYRD and submit a report online at the Florida Division of Insurance Fraud

If it is safe, you may want to do some cleanup yourself.  Please consider these tips from the CDC.

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