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Let’s Face Identity Theft Together

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So … someone has been making interesting purchases with your credit card. Or someone opened a new loan in your name. That’s not good – and you now may be among the 50% of all U.S. citizens who have been a victim of some form of identity theft.

Sadly, your identity is at risk in countless ways every day – especially when you:
• Lose your wallet or personal data
• Have an unsecure smart phone or use poor online passwords
• Fall victim to a phone or email phishing scam
• Have your info stolen through a data breach of your favorite store, your doctor’s office, etc.
• Are victim of motor vehicle fraud, theft of medical insurance, or misuse of a social security number

Even sadder, unraveling ID fraud can take hundreds of hours for victims.

There is some good news with Theft Expense and Resolution Services Coverage from VYRD. For just $25 per year, a professional response team will take over and work with creditors, banks, and law enforcement to clear your name. Coverage includes a $25,000 limit for:
• Lost wages
• Expense Reimbursement (such as notary fees, postage, …)
• Loan application fees (when applications are rejected due to compromised credit information)
• Legal fees (with prior company consent)

Ask one of our local VYRD insurance agents to add VYRD’s ID Theft Recovery endorsement to your policy or contact VYRD’s Customer Service at 888.806.8073 for additional information or assistance.

Then, if you do see those weird charges popping up and suspect identity theft, you’ll be glad to have VYRD on your side.

In addition to considering adding Identity Theft coverage to your VYRD Homeowners policy, be sure to practice these tips to help you and your family stay safe and secure online.

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