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True or False? 10 Common Hurricane Myths

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As Floridians, we at VYRD have probably heard every weather-related myth and fable that you have.  While some of these may contain some truth, others need some updating – which is what our team did recently with 10 common hurricane-related statements we hear regularly. To help you better prepare for the upcoming hurricane season, take a look at these updated weather “myths.”

Myth #1: Taping your windows is the best way to prevent them from shattering during a hurricane.

FALSE! Tape cannot withstand flying debris caused by hurricane-force winds. While the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes reports 54% of Americans believe taping their windows protects them from hurricane damage, we recommend installing tested and approved storm shutters or emergency plywood instead. Learn how you hurricane shutters can help you save money.

Myth #2: Rest easy if it’s only a Tropical Storm and not a hurricane.

FALSE! Although tropical storms and tropical depressions may not reach the high winds of hurricanes, they can still generate widespread, torrential rains that could cause damaging floods. Preparing early for all storms is a great thing.

Myth #3: My Homeowner’s insurance covers all water damage.

FALSE! Homeowners need a separate flood insurance policy for complete home protection. Find out why you should buy flood insurance in Florida. 

Myth #4: Before a storm, fill bathtubs and sinks in case the power goes out.

TRUE! Having this water supply on hand is perfect for essential hygiene such as washing clothes, bathing, or flushing toilets. However – don’t drink the tub water! Drink all that bottled water you have in your emergency kit instead!

Myth #5: Crack your windows open to stabilize pressure during a hurricane.

FALSE! This is one of the worst things you can do in a storm. If you let strong wind into your home, it’s going to look for a forceful way out, breaking your windows upon impact. In general, buildings are not airtight, so your home has enough small openings to prevent pressure from causing anything to explode.

Myth #6: Use sandbags to prevent water intrusion.

TRUE! (when done correctly)! To redirect water away from your home, fill sandbags halfway, tap into place, and do not stack sandbags more than three layers high.  

Myth #7: Winds are the most dangerous aspect of hurricanes.

FALSE! While hurricanes are categorized by wind speeds, nearly nine out of ten U.S. deaths from tropical cyclones are due to rising and rushing waters.

Myth #8: Hurricanes only happen during “Hurricane Season” (June 1 – November 30).

FALSE! While most do take place during hurricane season, hurricanes and tropical storms have been recorded every single month of the year. Always being prepared in the best action to take.

Myth #9: My roof is the most vulnerable part of my home during a hurricane.

FALSE!  The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes says garage doors actually are the most vulnerable areas of a home during hurricanes. This is because forceful winds can enter through open or damaged garage doors and create such intense pressure that could remove your rooftop

Myth #10: Flooding only happens in high-risk flooding areas, so if I don’t live there, I don’t need flood insurance.

FALSE! Flooding can happen anywhere it rains – and Florida gets a lot of rain! In fact, according to FEMA, about 25% of all flood-related insurance claims come from homes located in moderate and low-risk flood areas.

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