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Give Thanks Safely: Tips to Prevent Thanksgiving Cooking Fires

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As families gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, the joy of preparing and sharing a delicious meal is a central part of the festivities. However, it’s important to remember that Thanksgiving Day sees an increased risk of cooking fires. As a Florida homeowners insurer, we want to ensure that your holiday is not only filled with gratitude but also free from potential hazards. Here are some tips to help you avoid cooking fires and keep your Thanksgiving celebration safe.

Stay in the Kitchen:

One of the leading causes of cooking fires is leaving the kitchen unattended while food is cooking. Stay in the kitchen when you are frying, grilling, or broiling. If you need to step away, even for a short time, turn off the stove.

Use a Timer:

With the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations, it’s easy to lose track of time. Set a timer to remind yourself to check on the food regularly. This simple step can prevent overcooking and reduce the risk of fires.

Keep Flammable Items Away:

Ensure that any items that can catch fire, such as potholders, kitchen towels, and wooden utensils, are kept away from the stove and other hot surfaces. It’s also important to wear short sleeves or roll them up while cooking to avoid any loose clothing catching fire.

Keep Kids and Pets at a Safe Distance:

Thanksgiving is a family affair, but it’s crucial to keep young children and pets away from the cooking area. Establish a kid-free zone of at least three feet around the stove and other hot surfaces to prevent accidents.

Be Cautious with Deep Frying:

Deep-frying a turkey has become a popular Thanksgiving tradition, but it requires caution. If you choose to deep fry, do it outdoors, away from the house, and on a flat surface. Ensure the turkey is fully thawed and dry to prevent oil splatters.

Have a Fire Extinguisher Handy:

Make sure you have a working fire extinguisher in the kitchen and that you know how to use it. Familiarize yourself with the PASS method: Pull the pin, Aim the nozzle, Squeeze the handle, and Sweep from side to side.

This Thanksgiving, let safety be a key ingredient in your celebration. By following these simple tips, you can reduce the risk of cooking fires and enjoy a day filled with gratitude, delicious food, and cherished moments with your loved ones. From all of us at VYRD, we wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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