Pool Maintenance during Winter

Year-Round Pool Care: Keeping Your Florida Oasis in Top Shape

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While the rest of the country prepares to winterize their pools, Florida pool owners have the luxury of enjoying their oasis year-round. However, maintaining your pool in the Sunshine State isn’t a hands-off task, and it requires specific attention even during the milder winter months. In this article, we’ll outline four essential steps for Florida pool owners to keep their pools happy and healthy between now and spring.

  1. Continue Cleaning: Even if your swimsuit sees less action in the winter, your pool still requires regular cleaning. Keep your filter clean and maintain your vacuuming routine. With fewer pool users, you may need to clean debris traps less frequently, but it’s crucial to prevent leaves and debris from clogging your pool’s filtration system.

  2. Monitor Water Level: Florida’s mild winter may not bring snow, but it does bring evaporation. As the days cool and rainfall decreases, your pool water level may drop one to two inches per week. To counteract this, keep a close eye on the water level and add water as needed. Maintaining the proper water level ensures optimal filtration and prevents potential damage to the pool pump.

  3. Prevent Algae Build-Up: Florida’s fluctuating temperatures and occasional warm spells create an environment conducive to algae growth, even in winter.

    To prevent algae build-up:
    • Test your pool water regularly and adjust the chemical balance as needed. With cooler temperatures and fewer swimmers, you can slightly reduce chlorine levels.
    • Keep the water circulating by running the circulation pump for 4-6 hours per day. This prevents stagnant water, a breeding ground for algae.

  4. Invest in a Pool Heater: Make the most of your pool, even on cooler days, by investing in a pool heater. Unlike northern states dealing with snow-covered pools, Florida allows you to enjoy your well-maintained pool throughout the winter. A pool heater ensures your water stays comfortably warm, providing an extended swimming season for you and your family.

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