Moving on from Citizens? Renew with VYRD!

If you have received a notification letter from Citizens, that means you are able to re-enter the private insurance market. Congratulations! You now have options available to you as a policyholder – and VYRD is one of them!


VYRD has great coverage, competitive rates, awesome discounts and a Florida-based team ready to serve you. Check us out.

We know Florida

We were formed by Floridians for Floridians – and we know what it really feels like to be a Florida homeowner. Oh, and we are financially stable! Learn more here

We are innovative thinkers

We are always looking to use technology and modern tools (like Phyn Smart Water Sensing Kit for water leaks) to help homeowners save money and enjoy peace of mind. Learn more

Customer service is our strength!

The VYRD team is here for you for information, easy claim files, status and more. We also work closely with your insurance agent so service to you is seamless.



While the process of change may seem confusing at times, we are here to help so you can enjoy the benefits of the private insurance market. Reach out to your current insurance agent today to ask about renewing with VYRD!

Already selected VYRD for your new Florida homeowner’s policy? Welcome!

VYRD is happy to begin protecting your home! While there is nothing for you to do (as Citizens has already transferred your policy to VYRD), we thought you like to know a few helpful things about us:

Your Agent

Your existing insurance agent is also your VYRD agent!

Renewing with VYRD

When your Citizen’s policy is up for renewal, you will receive a renewal offer from VYRD (with better coverage and great rates).

Reporting a Claim

Until VYRD has fully assumed coverage for your policy (November 22, 2022), any losses should still be reported to Citizens. After that, contact VYRD Claims Services at 844-217-6993 or use VYRD’s online Report a Claim form.

A Little Love from VYRD

As a member of the VYRD family, you will receive exceptional customer service, awesome discounts, and great rates. Ask your agent for details… and click here for more info about the VYRD story!

24/7 Online Support

As your renewal date nears, you will be able to create your VYRD online account. This is an easy place for you to manage your policy, make a payment, report a claim, and more!

A Free Water Sensor Kit For You!

Once you create your VYRD online account, you can accept VYRD’s exclusive offer for a FREE Smart Monitoring Starter Kit ($250 value). This (easy) added level of protection will help you avoid costly water damage to your home. Just one more way we are working hard to protect you! Click here or ask your agent for more details.

Coverage Differences

Dwelling and Other StructuresCitizensVYRD
Screen EnclosuresNoYes
Personal Property Special Limits of LiabilityCitizensVYRD
Securities, accounts, deeds, etc.$1,000$1,500
Watercraft and their trailers$1,000$1,500
Trailers not used with watercraft$1,000$1,500
Loss by theft of jewelry, watches, etc.$1,000$1,500
Loss by theft of firearms$2,000$2,500
Property away from residence premises used for business$250$500
Electronic apparatus & accessories while in or upon a vehicle$1,000$1,500
Electronic apparatus & accessories not in or upon a vehicle and used for primarily for business while away from the residence premises$1,000$1,500
Covered property stored in freezers or refrigerators. (*with a $100 special deductible)$500$500*
Personal property stored in freezers or refrigerators located off the “residence premises”.NoYes
Theft: Off-premises theft is coveredNoYes
Coverage Increase EndorsementsCitizensVYRD
Coverage E - Increased LimitsNoYes
Coverage F - Increased LimitsNoYes
Mold Coverage - Increased LimitsNoYes
Loss Assessment - Increased LimitsNoYes
Jewelry and Furs - Increased LimitsNoYes
Silverware – Increased LimitsNoYes
Screen Enclosure - Increased LimitsNoYes
Scheduled Personal PropertyNoYes
Premium Packages (Plus, Gold, Platinum)NoYes
Flood Coverage EndorsementNoYes
Water Back-UpNoYes
Animal LiabilityNoYes
Identity TheftNoYes
Golf Cart - Physical Loss CoverageNoYes
Earthquake CoverageNoYes
Permitted Incidental OccupancyNoYes
ACV Loss Settlement Windstorm or Hail Losses to Roof Surfacing (HO-3)NoYes
Premium Reduction Options/EndorsementsCitizensVYRD
Secured Community DiscountNoYes
Smart Home Protection Device DiscountNoYes
ACV Loss Settlement Windstorm or HailNoYes
HVAC Maintenance Contract DiscountNoYes
Limited Water Damage CoverageNoYes
Water Coverage ExclusionNoYes
Preferred Contractor EndorsementNoYes



Enclosures Not Covered by Citizens

  1. Carports, porches constructed to be open to the weather, patios constructed to be open to the weather, or pool enclosures, any of which have a roof or covering of: aluminum, one or more fiberglass panels, plastic, vinyl, fabric, or screening
  2. Awnings
  3. Any structure whether attached or separate from the covered dwelling, that has a roof, exterior wall, or covering, of thatch, grass, palm, lattice, slats, or similar material
  4. Any attachment on the covered dwelling comprised of thatch, grass, palm, lattice, slats, or similar material
  5. Slat houses, chickees, tiki huts, gazebos, cabanas, canopies, pergolas, or similar structures, all constructed to be open to the weather


Visit the “Citizens Take Out” section on our FAQ page.


Citizens Take Out FAQs