Smart Protection. Innovative Coverage.
Just for Floridians.

Let’s face it, Florida’s home insurance market can be challenging — and confusing.


That’s why VYRD is here for you.


We specialize in innovative insurance coverage for Floridians — which makes sense because we are Floridians. We have the same concerns you have; we live where you live, we understand your expectations about protecting your Florida property.


Even better — VYRD makes your entire insurance experience personal and, easy (thanks to cutting-edge technology) so you, our valued customers, can enjoy meaningful, smart home protection!

Smart Home Water Protection

Did you know approximately 1 out of every 2 homeowner claims in Florida is water related?


Not surprising, right? Now, consider the average cost of a water damage claim is $6,000 – $9,0001 — so you can see this can add up fast!


We are leading the way in helping homeowners stay ahead of costly water problems (and save precious water). VYRD is providing a free Notion2 Smart Monitoring Starter Kit to all of our policyholders ($199 value). Enroll today!


BONUS! When policyholders enroll in this program, install their free Notion Smart Monitoring Starter Kit, and set up monitoring via the Notion App, they will receive a 15% discount (approximately $1303) on a portion of their premium.


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VYRD’s Protection

Your VYRD homeowner’s insurance policy covers your Florida home and property in the event of damage caused by wildfires, extreme weather, crime, and vandalism. It also protects you against legal claims for damage or injury you accidentally cause others.


If your home is damaged –

VYRD will cover the cost to reconstruct

If a tree falls on your shed, garage, or other structure on your property –

VYRD will help cover the cost of repairs

If your home isn’t livable -

VYRD will pay for temporary housing, meals, pet boarding, storage, etc.

If your stuff gets stolen –

VYRD will help cover the costs to replace it, even if it happens away from home


If you’re sewer backs up and damages your home –

you’ll need an additional endorsement for that

If a river swells and floods your home –

you will not be covered. You’ll need a separate flood insurance policy.



Learn more of what is covered here and how VYRD helps you meet your obligation as a Florida homeowner to protect and maintain your home and keep it safe.


Just a friendly reminder – homeowners insurance isn’t a home warranty and doesn’t cover wear and tear or maintenance issues.


As always, the best first step to understanding the options you have to protect your home is to consult with your agent.

Ways to Save

Insurance premiums in Florida have been increasing steadily – no news there. That’s why VYRD developed new discounts, programs, and ways to manage your premium.

Here are some options:

Claim-free DiscountSecured Community / Building CreditHVAC Maintenance Contract discount
5% off for policies that have not had a prior loss in the 3 preceding years10-15% off for homes in a subdivision or community that is protected by 24-hr security patrol5% in savings for having a semi-annual HVAC contract inspections / maintenance plan
Protective Device DiscountsHurricane ProtectionSmart Home Water Protection
10-25% discount available for homes with a centrally monitored fire or burglar alarm 2-48% discount depending on individual home characteristics and year of construction15% discount (approximately $1303) on a portion of the premium after enrolling in our FREE Smart Monitoring Program


Contact your insurance agent – or our customer service team – to learn more about ways you can save with VYRD!

We’re here for you

One of VYRD’s top priorities is providing you, our valuable customer, with exceptional Florida-based customer service.


VYRD’s customer service team lives here – often in the same neighborhoods where you live – and shares the same insurance concerns that you have. Our team is here to answer any of your questions and explain the variety of VYRD’s home insurance options as well as discounts that may apply to your policy.


For your convenience, we also have an online customer portal for easy self-service. Create your account today to view and download policy documents, report a claim, or make a payment.


Customer Portal


1 Per Citizens Advisor Notice (2017), the frequency of water claims statewide across Florida has risen by roughly 50 percent since 2010. And the average litigated water claim costs Citizens between $25,000 and $30,000, up to five times more than a water claim that is handled without litigation at a cost of $6,000 to $9,000.


2 The Notion Smart Home Monitoring system and related support will be provided by Notion. VYRD is not responsible for the system or any home monitoring.


3 This is an estimated projected savings, based on the average water premium for VYRD policyholders between Jan and July 2022. Potential savings will vary.